Breaking Through the Creative Wall

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by Rasmus Rasmussen on June 10, 2010

If there is a particular idea or project that I am stuck on, there are generally two things I do depending on how pressing the deadline is. If I don’t have one, I simply put it away for a few days and work on something else. I have enough projects and ideas laying around, that I can do this without any problem. Often, I pick up a project that stumped me a while back, dust it off and dig back in. A little distance can bring a whole new perspective and a fresh approach.

In cases where there is a looming deadline and I can’t seem to reach the finish, I bring in help. First, I write out a short description of the basic idea and the specific problem that is bothering me. Unless a solution presents itself from that act alone (which happens fairly often), I present what I have to a trusted friend. I am careful to pick people that are smart and not afraid to tell me what they really think.

Putting an idea on the shelf involves the risk of leaving it there forever, and telling a friend about a project sometimes takes the steam out of it altogether. In both those cases, it’s a sign the idea wasn’t good enough to begin with. Occasionally though, a project will appear to have died completely only to resurrect itself at a later date, often in a new form.

How do you break through the creative wall?

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