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by Rasmus Rasmussen on August 5, 2010

In spite of having a fantastic time working on Another Passion, and seeing better results than expected, there is still an overall plan behind the madness. A grander scheme, if you will. This includes ongoing evaluation of the project as a whole. I would like to share with you the past, present and future, in the form of 3 checkpoints I set up for Another Passion and a hint of things to come.

The site launched officially in January 2010, the premiere interview literally went live on January 1st. Checkpoint 1 was 6 months later, and the criteria for success simply: if I like doing it and see potential for growth, continue to Checkpoint 2. Otherwise, shut it down and move on.

We’re now in August, which means that Checkpoint 1 came and went. I blew right past it. Creating Another Passion is a lot more work than I thought it would be, and I’ve spent more on bus tickets to go meet interviewees, than I have made from creating Another Passion at this point – but it has been worth it! Not just because of the personal satisfaction, which is surprisingly strong, but my network also exploded with new, highly talented contacts. I’m starting to see the effects of that in terms of referrals – both as traffic to the site, new interviewees and other opportunities.

The second part of Checkpoint 1 was whether I see potential for growth. The answer is yes. Every month is better than the last, so far. I’ve seen an increase on all fronts, from site visitors to interview requests, facebook fans and comments. Buh-bye, Checkpoint 1.

Checkpoint 2 is at the 1-year mark. This is a crucial point for me, because this is where I start looking at Another Passion as a business, in the sense that I have to look for ways to justify the time and effort financially. After 1 year, I would like to see some income from the site, whether it’s through the store, photography work or other related sources. I have several things underway to help me get there, like the printed edition of the first 6 months of interviews (I’m 80% finished putting that together at the moment of writing this). Besides the financial aspect, it still also has to be fun and have growth potential.

Checkpoint 3 is at the 3-year mark. I feel that a business should be profitable after 3 years, and so it shall be with Another Passion. After 3 years of pouring this kind of time and energy into the project, I want to start seeing not just income, but actual profit that can be traced back to the site. By profit, I mean an average income that exceeds expenses and time spent – and still with fun and growth potential.

The last thing needed to pass Checkpoint 3 is a plan for the future. I have not planned the project any further out than this. As the project evolves naturally, new goals and opportunities will present themselves, and I want room in my planning to accommodate that. New developments are already underway to help take Another Passion to the next level. It involves a partnership with another, locally focused site, which I am very excited about. Expect more on that in the not-too-distant future.

The photo for this post was taken by Kelly Cline.

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