Passion and Opportunity

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by Rasmus Rasmussen on July 22, 2010

Are you and your passion going in the same direction? Is it taking you where you want to be?

My passion happens to be telling stories. It began with writing, but after I had my first novel published and realized that making a living that way would be challenging to say the least, I added photography to my repertoire. Through my work as an “image inspector” (photo editor) for iStockphoto, I learned a lot about the particular sub-genre of commercial photography known as stock. I began recognizing common problems and areas where my knowledge could help others, so I wrote a series of articles under the common title: The Microstock Photographer’s Guide.

Soon after publishing the articles, I was getting e-mails with questions from photographers all over the world. The articles became fairly popular, so I turned them into an eBook. Embracing the demand, I even offered individual portfolio consultation to help photographers increase sales and find a niche. But I never really wanted to be a photography writer per se. I love both writing and photography, but this particular combination was taking me in a direction different from where I wanted to go.

Another Passion is also a combination of writing and photography. To me, this combo makes the site special. It’s not just interviews and articles – it’s also original photography shot specifically for the writing. This probably means more to me than the average reader, but I think it adds a personal touch to the site.

I get to be writer, photographer and editor all in one, showcasing what I do in a way that excites me. And not purely for narcissistic reasons either.

From a business perspective it is important because when life brings you opportunity, it builds on what you have already achieved. Opportunity never comes knocking without an invitation. I had many doors open to me because of The Microstock Photographer’s Guide and made good friends and useful contacts in the process. If my dream was to become a photography guru, I would have had a good starting point for sure. On Another Passion I am entering a different arena, expanding my tribe and opening the door to a new realm of opportunity.

Before, I shared my acquired knowledge about stock photography through my passion for writing. Now focus is on storytelling and I use photos and words as elements to combine. The difference may seem trivial or technical to most, but it makes a world of difference to me. Passion-driven life is not just about working with the things you love, but also a quest to find the right way of doing that work — and doing it really well in a way that not only makes you happy, but also propels you in the direction you want to go. After all, in any creative line of work, you’re only as good as what you create.

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suemack July 23, 2010 at 12:36 pm

Ras, your storytelling challenges me, it inspires me. Thank you!


Joel Bagby July 23, 2010 at 1:43 pm

Another insightful journey into the heart of the art. Good wisdom, sometimes passion and opportunity can parallel without coinciding and we try to convince ourselves that this is the direction we want to go.


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