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Cover of Another Passion, the first printed edition.

by Rasmus Rasmussen on August 19, 2010

As Farnsworth would say: Good news, everyone! Another Passion recently partnered up with Puget Hound – a Seattle based community site, owned and operated by Fox/Tribune. Puget Hound is a collection of local blogs from the Seattle area, handpicked to showcase the best of the region. Together, the syndicated blogs cover everything from food and green living to dating and passion-driven lifestyle (that would be me).

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, there is more big news. The first ever printed edition of Another Passion is now available! 12 interviews from the first 6 months of operation, put together in one sweet 78-page magazine. There are no ads, just pages of inspiration and passion overdrive, paired of course with the portrait photograps by yours truly.

Puget Hound is still in beta and big changes are coming to the site in the next few months. You can follow it all via Facebook or Twitter, if you want to stay in the loop on fresh blogs being added and other new features. If you live in the Pacific Northwest and you’re reading through either RSS or, I highly recommend checking out these other local bloggers too.

I still own all the content I publish and make my own decisions on whom and what to feature on Another Passion, and being part of Puget Hound will absolutely expand the circle of readers, the range of new interviewees and sources of inspiration. This is where I take a moment to thank all of the few but faithful readers who have been with me from the start, because with all of this stuff happening, it does feel like Another Passion is taking a huge step forward – and I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without your support.

On that note, if you want to support Another Passion, don’t forget that I have a contact form you can use, if you or someone you represent would like to be considered for an feature on the site. General comments and suggestions for interviewees you would like to see are also appreciated. Or you can buy a copy of the printed edition.

I am super excited that all of this has happened within the first year of operation. It really has gone beyond my own expectations in a very good way, and I am constantly looking to do more with it.

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