Mother’s Anger – The Rock ‘n’ Roll Life

by Rasmus Rasmussen on March 30, 2010

David and Joseph are living the dream as true rock ‘n’ roll musicians. They tour and play as much as possible, working hard for peanuts and loving it. The band, Mother’s Anger, started in Tel Aviv, Israel then eventually moved to New York, where an old 1973 van brought them to Los Angeles, then on to Dallas only to end up in Seattle. The two rockers seem to thrive here, often dipping down the West Coast to play gigs.

I first met them when I put out a call for two-man bands in need of band photos. I had set it up like a contest where any duo could submit a sample of their music, and the two that I liked the best would get a free photo shoot. Mother’s Anger drew me in with their raw energy and thick sound — which I later found out is helped along by David’s custom Fender, which is equipped with two bass strings for added oomph. And it works.

Though their music is high energy punk rock, David and Joseph don’t necessarily live up to the rock star stereotype. Instead of hotelroom smashing basketcases, these two mellow dudes run their own musical careers with dedication. Along the way, they have put out 2 albums – The Mother’s Anger and Sniper (both links open in iTunes) – and kept up a busy live schedule.

In this video, David and Joseph talk about their writing process, their love of doing what they do, how they do it and why.

Traffic, wind and the limitations a small camera mic created some background noise during this interview. Lesson learned / tip: These things work better indoors.

You can find Mother’s Anger on Myspace and Facebook. You can also find their music at CD Baby.

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