Focus: Seattle Poets – Dane Kuttler

Dane Kuttler

by Rasmus Rasmussen on February 21, 2012

We have come to the sixth and final video in the “Focus: Seattle Poets” series, this one featuring Dane Kuttler, who apart from just performing played a major part in the production of the entire series. Her role was to cast all the featured poets, and she initially held herself as back-up, in case one of the five I had asked her find, couldn’t make it.

She did an amazing job with the casting, but there is no way I would cheat you of her energetic performance. And what better way to end a poetry series, than with song? Dane’s piece is sharp, engaging and left me with a smile on my face.

For more Dane Kuttler, check out her website, circle her on G+, follow her on Twitter, or find her on Facebook!

The series as a whole has touched on a multitude of topics, from gender and rock ‘n’ roll to loss, forgiveness and religion, and each performance just 2-3 minutes long, and unlike one of the lines in Dane’s featured piece, this really is about the words. If you’re just coming in to the videos now, make sure you check out the rest.

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