Focus: Seattle Poets – Roma Raye

Roma Raye

by Rasmus Rasmussen on February 14, 2012

Roma Raye is the 5th poet to be featured in our video series. Her fast paced piece might surprise you, like Roma Raye herself. With this piece there is only one more video left in this first ever Another Passion series, showing the work of some of the performers on the Seattle poetry slam scene. If you would like to know more about Roma Raye, you can find her on Facebook.

Last week, I wrote a bit about lessons learned from the series but we would also love to hear from you. Feel free to leave your comments with the posts, send them by email, or even post a video response of your own.

We are hoping that this series will be the first of many, each one focusing in on different artforms and taking a slightly different approach. Just like we are hoping that Another Passion will be able to produce other original productions over time. This is made possible by your support, and to that end we would like to thank our members. By joining and showing your support, you have not only taken an active part in supporting Another Passion, you have also been tremendously encouraging. So thank you members! Not a member yet? Go here to join.

We have made each of these videos available as a digital download to members and this one is no exception.

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