Another Passion Manifesto

Appreciation – I believe hard working artists should get paid. All contributors to Another Passion, who go beyond a one-off guest post, are compensated for their work.

Support – Talent and hard work deserves recognition. I share and recommend creative work by featuring artists and creative professionals across genres.

Inspiration – All creative professionals need a constant flow of new inspiration to generate ideas. I feed the beast by sharing approach, philosophy and opinion on Another Passion.

Encouragement – I believe in the power of positive reinforcement. I aim to bring you useful content with a positive message over unhelpful rants and nonconstructive criticism.

Motivation – It’s easy to lose steam, get discouraged or be tempted to cut corners. I want to motivate you to go the extra mile by sharing insight into process, method and productivity.

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Another Passion is run by writing photographer Rasmus Rasmussen. Originally from Denmark, now living in Seattle. You are welcome to check out my personal twitter account.

This website is meant to make you feel good. Critical comments are welcome, but in the end we reserve the right to delete or unapprove any comment without notifying the commenter. Play nice.