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Another Passion exists to inspire and motivate artists and creative professionals by showcasing talent and offering useful tips and tidbits.

Why advertise or sponsor on Another Passion?

When you put a banner on our site, or in our newsletter, you…

  • Help artists and performers get much needed exposure.
  • Help us create more and better content for our readers.
  • Can call yourself a patron of arts and culture.
  • Get traffic to your site from this one.

Who will see your banner?

  • Artists (eg. painters, sculptors, jewelry makers)
  • Creative Professionals (eg. designers, editors and photographers)
  • Performers (eg. actors, comedians and musicians)
  • Writers (eg. authors, poets and copy writers)
  • Students of the skills listed above

Our readers are creative professionals and artists of all shapes and sizes. Many are freelancers or small business owners, others are still students. What they have in common is the urge to create, and a passion for art and culture. About 75% are from the US, in particular Washington State (23% of all traffic).

Since Another Passion is based in Seattle, this is also our primary focus when it comes to interviews and reportage. Most of our readers are referred through e-mail and social networks, in particular Facebook and Twitter. Traffic from online searches are most often on the names of individual interviewees.

Ads vs. Sponsorship

If you only need temporary exposure, we have banners available ‘above the fold’ on all pages, as well as in our email newsletter. If you’d like to permanently sponsor content on the site, you also have that option. See below for details, ans send your inquiries to

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At the foot of every interview and article is a horizontal banner, separating the content from the comments. When you sponsor an article, your banner will be displayed there permanently!

Each post on Another Passion can only be sponsored once, so you won’t share the spot with anyone else. You are free to pick any unsponsored post from our archives, or sponsor the next available article if you prefer to be more current. The choice is yours. Banners can say whatever you want* and will link back to the website of your choice. The content sponsorship banners are 530×62 pixels.

1 article, permanently sponsored by you: $199

Sidebar Banners

There are 9 banners rotating randomly in three slots. These load on every page, and always sit above the fold. These banners are 125×125 pixels.

Sidebar banners

  • 1 month (minimum): $89
  • 3 months: $79/mo.
  • 6+ months: $69/mo.

Newsletter Banner

You have the option of sponsoring our e-mail newsletter. We only accept one sponsor per newsletter, so as not to overwhelm our subscribers. Your banner* will be displayed right below the masthead of every sponsored issue. E-mail banners are also 125×125 pixels, and are priced the same as banners on the website.

Newsletter banners

  • 1 issue: $89
  • 3 issues: $79/issue
  • 6+ issues: $69/issue

If you are interested in sponsoring content on Another Passion or advertising, please send an e-mail to

*For all sponsorship banners the following restrictions apply: banners must be jpg or png files with no animation. Imagery may not contain graphic violence, pornographic material, or political and/or religious content. We reserve the right to turn any banner down.