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Interviews & Features

Interviews are always illustrated with original photos and/or video and for that reason we mainly feature people in the greater Seattle area. Below is a shortlist to the types of people regularly featured on Another Passion.

  • Artists (visual artists, writers, performers)
  • Creatives (designers, art directors, producers)
  • Businesses (start-ups, freelancers, creative agencies)
  • Scientists (pioneers, philosophers, researchers)
  • Non-Profits (arts and culture related)

There is no guarantee that you will be featured. First of all, your work has to be good. Second, diversity is your friend — if there are already several creatives of your particular flavor lined up, you may not get picked this time. If you have a unique angle, an upcoming release/event or an interesting personal story, that always helps in getting attention.

Guest Posts

Another Passion accepts guest post ideas from outside contributors. If you have a post that you’d like published, send a couple of words about it.

When writing for Another Passion, keep in mind that the nature of this website is one of positivity, inspiration and motivation. The readers are smart and creative, so go beyond the surface, cut the fat but keep the flavor.

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