Lillian Cohen-Moore

Siblings Aaron and Sarah Shay slide into the booth with Annie Hughes, prompting a swift shuffle of hats, coats, and instruments. The Mongrel Jews play a total of six instruments, sing, and keep the band going across state lines with fierce devotion, and the support of their fellow musicians.

From street corners, living rooms and stages, The Mongrel Jews started without a name, acquiring one as well as a devoted fan base along the way. Fresh from a successful Kickstarter (watch for the album: The Mongrel Jews Inherit the Earth!) and talking a mile a minute over coffee, Aaron, Sarah and Annie shook off the Seattle cold to talk about the brass tacks of making music sing. Continue reading…

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Anita Arora Makes Morbid Art

Anita Arora aka Morbid Anatomy

Anita Arora began her pursuit of the arts while crossing continents and oceans, exploring classical dance and music from London and America. Returning stateside from her native London, she set down roots as she continued experimenting with artistic forms. Anita’s appreciation of art that walked a fine line of social distance led her to begin [...]

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Lyndsay’s Hands are Never Idle

Lyndsay Brown

Lyndsay Brown is a one-woman show behind Idle Hands Designs. The local Seattle jewelry designer grew her business from a sideline hobby to a full-time workshop, studying silver smithing, resin work and sculpture as she built both her knowledge and her business. Sporting her client-favored sutured heart necklace and a collection of rings and pendants, [...]

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Social Writing with Google+ Hangouts

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Google+ hangouts is one of the more unique new tools creative professionals can use to work with colleagues by creating a virtual space for writers to work together that also enables allowing artists to share their screens as they work, all while enjoying social aspects often missed out on by collaborators when working from separate [...]

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Nate Crowder’s Small Press

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Nate Crowder lives a double life as hectic as that of his superhero protagonists. As a writer and member of the Horror Writer’s Association, he brings his readers the scariest fiction he can summon at the keyboard, regardless of the hour. As a small press publisher, he courts the strange and unusual, on the hunt [...]

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Conventions, Sanity and Survival

Conventions, Sanity and Survival

I only made it to a handful of conventions this year, but I met some of my now nearest and dearest at each of them. Caught up in the excitement, it wasn’t till later that I was able to consider how quickly perfect strangers had become some of my favorite people, literally overnight. The friendships [...]

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Jennifer Brozek’s World of Words

Jennifer Brozek's World of Words

Jennifer Brozek is an author and editor who has spent years continually perfecting her craft. Recipient of an Origins Award, an Australian Shadows Award, and a silver ENnie, Jennifer’s writing in horror, science fiction and role-playing games is a labor of dedication and love. The editor and publisher behind the long-lived web publication The Edge [...]

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