Following Up on 3 Interview Alumni

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Over the last couple of years many different artists have been featured on Another Passion. I recently reached out to some of them, asking how things had been since their feature, and what they were up to now. In the following, you can read what some of them had to share. Don’t forget to check [...]

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Anita Arora Makes Morbid Art

Anita Arora aka Morbid Anatomy

Anita Arora began her pursuit of the arts while crossing continents and oceans, exploring classical dance and music from London and America. Returning stateside from her native London, she set down roots as she continued experimenting with artistic forms. Anita’s appreciation of art that walked a fine line of social distance led her to begin [...]

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Lyndsay’s Hands are Never Idle

Lyndsay Brown

Lyndsay Brown is a one-woman show behind Idle Hands Designs. The local Seattle jewelry designer grew her business from a sideline hobby to a full-time workshop, studying silver smithing, resin work and sculpture as she built both her knowledge and her business. Sporting her client-favored sutured heart necklace and a collection of rings and pendants, [...]

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Liz Smith Makes the Show Go

Liz Smith aka Dammit Liz

Liz Smith – or Dammit Liz, as she is lovingly called by fans and clients alike – is an organizer and wrangler of events. Specifically events for the nerd segment, such as the now legendary w00tstock shows and most recently JoCo Cruise Crazy 2. I met Liz in between meetings, while she was busy organizing [...]

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Jason Webley – Hard Working Troubadour

Jason Webley

Jason Webley is a man of many talents. I met him during the preparations for his 11-11-11 concert in Seattle last year, which I was honored to cover. This particular show was the culmination of a massive tour spanning 35 countries. Jason had invited numerous friends to come along and add their own touch to [...]

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Social Writing with Google+ Hangouts

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Google+ hangouts is one of the more unique new tools creative professionals can use to work with colleagues by creating a virtual space for writers to work together that also enables allowing artists to share their screens as they work, all while enjoying social aspects often missed out on by collaborators when working from separate [...]

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Focus: Seattle Poets – Dane Kuttler

Dane Kuttler

We have come to the sixth and final video in the “Focus: Seattle Poets” series, this one featuring Dane Kuttler, who apart from just performing played a major part in the production of the entire series. Her role was to cast all the featured poets, and she initially held herself as back-up, in case one [...]

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