A year ago, when Another Passion was still brand new, I published a list of blogs to follow if you’re a creative person. Besides this one, of course. The time has come to once again share a list of recommended blogs. On the sites listed below, you will find hours of reading guaranteed to spark both inspiration and productivity. Continue reading…

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Syndication and Publication

Cover of Another Passion, the first printed edition.

As Farnsworth would say: Good news, everyone! Another Passion recently partnered up with Puget Hound – a Seattle based community site, owned and operated by Fox/Tribune. Puget Hound is a collection of local blogs from the Seattle area, handpicked to showcase the best of the region. Together, the syndicated blogs cover everything from food and [...]

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10 Inspiring Blogs for Creatives

Another Passion is a young site, and I realize that you might be craving more input after you’ve scoured these pages. So here are 10 of great blogs for getting an injection of inspiration or motivation. Some of these were sources of inspiration for Another Passion, others were discovered during my research for this blog. [...]

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