Jennifer Brozek is an author and editor who has spent years continually perfecting her craft. Recipient of an Origins Award, an Australian Shadows Award, and a silver ENnie, Jennifer’s writing in horror, science fiction and role-playing games is a labor of dedication and love. The editor and publisher behind the long-lived web publication The Edge of Propinquity, her projects have included columns on making anthologies, writing for role-playing games, a number of short stories, and a forthcoming anthology from DAW as editor for Human for a Day.

Jennifer is also someone I’ve known for years; from standing in line together for lattes to watching her win an ENnie at GenCon in 2011, Jennifer started out a friend and professional that I knew well, eventually becoming my boss. Our long familiarity means I’ve read a number of her interviews, and knew there were questions about her industry and career that she had yet to be asked. Continue reading…


Michael Schein Writes of Bones and Conquest

Michael Schein, author of

Michael Schein meets me at one of his favorite hangouts, a little second-hand book shop called the Couth Buzzard. It’s a nice place with cozy corners where people can enjoy their tea and the book of their choice. It was in one of those little corners, that we sat down. In spite of a first [...]

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Sean Beaudoin Keeps Murder Cool

Sean Beaudoin

I met Sean Beaudoin in his office in Fremont, a humble place in a building full of Internet startups, small businesses and other artists. The floors are plywood and the building reminds me of a storage facility. He tells me he’s been here for a while but only knows the guy right next door. It’s [...]

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Review: The War of Art

Steven Pressfield; The War of Art

Steven Pressfield wanted to write a book for people suffering from writer’s block but ended up with a guide to being a happy creative in the more general sense. In short, Pressfield begins by identifying the enemy of getting your creative work done as ‘Resistance’. Then he goes on to talk about battling this enemy [...]

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Get a Free Copy of ‘Houdini Pie’

This Houdini Pie could be yours...

Publishers Bennett & Hastings were kind enough to provide a copy of Paul Michel’s brand new novel Houdini Pie, to pass on to you, dear reader. This is a tongue-in-cheek story set during the prohibition about bootlegging, baseball and hunting for lost treasure in the middle of Los Angeles. And it’s even based on a [...]

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Paul Michel – Writing and Lost Treasure

Thumbnail image for Paul Michel – Writing and Lost Treasure

Paul Michel is a multi-talented man. His first novel, Houdini Pie, hits the shelves on April 10th 2010. The book is inspired by a true story, about the hunt for a legendary Hopi Indian treasure in the middle of Los Angeles, during the prohibition. He talks fast and while talking there is a look in [...]

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