Paul, Storm and w00tstock

Paul And Storm

Paul and Storm is a comedy duo. They are also geeks. And when I heard that they were taking their show – w00tstock – to Seattle, I immediately asked if they might want to do an interview. Which is what you are reading now. Paul and Storm have been active on the comedy scene for [...]

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Interview: Shannon & Matt – Seattle Geekly

Matt and Shannon from Seattle Geekly.

I met with Shannon and Matt at Arcane Comics in Ballard, Seattle. They are regulars here, I found out as they entered the tiny boutique and the clerk lit up in a smile and a “I have your stack of comics ready!” But I wouldn’t be surprised if the store owners are proud to count [...]

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Interview: The Twilight Artist Collective

Mary, Cheryl and Erin from Twilight Artist Collective

Erin Staffeld, Cheryl Robinson and Mary Enslow (front to back) are the three owners and operators of the Twilight Artist Collective (TwAC). They have a boutique in the heart of West Seattle, where they show and sell the works of local artists. I meet up with them after a business meeting, and I’m immediately infected [...]

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