About a year ago, I went to W00tstock 2.0, a gathering of geek royalty hosted by Wil Wheaton, Adam Savage and comedy duo Paul & Storm. I interviewed Paul & Storm back then, and in the time that has passed W00tstock has traveled across the North American continent with a host of supernerds performing in the show. Recently, Paul and Storm returned to Seattle to put on a smaller version of their show, this time under the headline “Nerds & Music”. They asked if I would like to come document the show once again, and to be honest I was thrilled to do so.
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Let Billy the Fridge Entertain You

Billy the Fridge

Billy the Fridge and I met up at Blue Moon Burgers in Fremont, where they sell the Code Blue burger with two paddys, peanut butter and all kinds of goodness. It’s big and potent, just like Billy himself. A local boy, Billy the Fridge has competed in wrestling and competitive eating both – he proudly [...]

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