Lyndsay Brown is a one-woman show behind Idle Hands Designs. The local Seattle jewelry designer grew her business from a sideline hobby to a full-time workshop, studying silver smithing, resin work and sculpture as she built both her knowledge and her business. Sporting her client-favored sutured heart necklace and a collection of rings and pendants, she sells her mix of vintage remixed jewelry and new designs to an ever-growing number of fans. Continue reading…

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Tara’s Jewelry is Kind of Strange

Tara is Kind of Strange

Tara Brannigan makes jewelry and costumes out of silver, bones, stones and leather. Among other things. This is almost a counter to her tech-oriented day job, except that her love of technology occasionally steps into the artistic realm. Such as in the case of her bench-cam, a live webcam from Tara’s workshop where interested parties [...]

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