Cyra Jane

Cyra Jane has an eye for textures and patterns. Intricate spirals, abstracts of lines and shapes, most are paintings but some incarnations manifest themselves as sculptures both large and small. Examining the perfectly placed pieces around her home studio in Seattle’s Pioneer Square, feels almost like a tour through Cyra’s own mind, heart and soul. Seeing her work, older pieces mixed with new work, a few recurring themes and designs begin to show. There are stories there that want to get out, and in the process they draw their audience in.

During our meeting, we talked about Cyra Jane’s work, her involvement with Burning Man, art as healing and more. I wish, I could share all the tangents, details and side notes that came up during our conversation, but the following interview is a great starting point for getting to know Cyra Jane as an artist. From there, I can only urge you to seek out her work in person and explore her website. Continue reading…