I asked the Internet who it wanted to see featured here on Another Passion. “Art Chantry” it replied (on my Facebook wall), so I got in touch with this absolutely legendary designer and asked if he would be willing to share a little wisdom with the rest of us. And he was!

Art Chantry’s distinctive design work became famous along with the grunge wave in the 1990s, when he designed posters and album covers for countless bands, several of which went on to become quite big. If you ask him, he’ll probably say something about being in the right place at the right time. Or that he was lucky. In spite of his reputation as being a bit of a tough cookie, Art is actually quite charming in person and though his work is most certainly art, he remains very humble about it. The fact that it has been shown at places such as the Louvre, Seattle Art Museum and the Smithsonian has not jaded this designer, who still does his work the old school way — by hand.
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Francisco Hernandez Builds For Man

Thumbnail image for Francisco Hernandez Builds For Man

Francisco Hernandez is the man behind the fashion-forward menswear brand Built For Man, and he is on a mission to change the world of men’s clothing. In his designs, he plays with convention and takes a fresh approach to classic menswear, from dress shirts to fingerless gloves. One of his three lines is based on [...]

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Mike Selinker – Game Design Guru

Mike Selinker, Game Designer

I met Mike Selinker backstage at the Seattle w00tstock event, where he and fellow game designer James Ernest (both of Lone Shark Games) performed an act that included both juggling, an interactive puzzle, which the audience was encouraged to solve and post about on Twitter, and more. As a geek and hobby gamer of many [...]

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