We’ve all been there. What was once an exciting new project has turned into a grind. What was once a head stuffed full of ideas, is now a whole lot of empty space. You’re out of steam and overworked, almost ready to give up the whole thing and seek greener pastures, doing something else.

The Wall hits everyone at some point. It can be a most dangerous enemy, destroying everything from enthusiasm to relationships. It can smash your dreams and send you hurtling towards a dark place if you let it. The Wall is the Dark Side. The trick to surviving this destructive force is to recognize it for what it is and deny it the influence it seeks. Continue reading…


Utilizing My Aversion to Phones

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The Phone is my least favorite communication tool. Unless you count the fax machine, but thankfully I don’t own one of those. Talking on the phone makes me uncomfortable, whether I’m getting a call or making it. I’m much better with e-mail and texting. But that’s just me, right? I’m weird that way. Most people [...]

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Are You a Storyteller?

Good stories don't have to be long.

Storytelling is power. When you tell a good story the world stops, magic happens and those who listen are enthralled. We use stories to build brands, find potential mates, friends and partners. We use them to convey feelings, morals and values that might otherwise be difficult to address. Anything can be sold through storytelling, from [...]

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Follow Your Heart Recklessly

I followed my heart to Seattle.

After I moved to the US in 2005, several people said that was such a brave thing to do. At first, I didn’t understand what they meant by this. I certainly didn’t feel particularly brave – or even particularly smart, really. After all, I left everything I had except for what would fit into a [...]

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