idea development

How much time have you spent researching, downloading and trying out different applications meant to boost your productivity? To help speed things up and organize your ideas? How much of that time was a waste?

I saw this on a Glenlivet label – “Unhurried since 1824″. I have collected (and enjoyed) many single malts but this is the only label that stuck with me. Unhurried implies care and attention. Unhurried implies quality. Unhurrying is an underestimated activity.

When it comes to software applications designed to help develop ideas, brainstorm, mind map and make you productive, they all claim to speed up workflow and make life easier. But I find them limiting or clumsy to use. When working with loose thoughts, raw concepts and ideas, I don’t want to worry about what the software can and can’t do. So, I use a different tool.
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Breaking Through the Creative Wall

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If there is a particular idea or project that I am stuck on, there are generally two things I do depending on how pressing the deadline is. If I don’t have one, I simply put it away for a few days and work on something else. I have enough projects and ideas laying around, that [...]

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