Jade Gordon greeted me with a warm and honest smile on the floor of the Emerald City Comic Con. I first met Jade at a concert where I caught a glimpse of her awesome fan art. It made me curious about her work, so I looked it up, liked it even more, and finally reached out for an interview. She agreed, and in this interview she shares a few glimpses into her process and work, not only with fan art but as an illustrator. Continue reading…


Lee LeFever the Explanation Artist

Lee LeFever

Lee LeFever is one half of Common Craft, the other half being his wife Sachi. Their business is to explain things in a simple way using artwork cutouts and video. A couple’s labor of love has turned into the family business, and now LeFever has a book on the way too – The Art of [...]

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Mike Cressy: Illustrator, Creator of Creatures

Mike Cressy, Illustrator.

Originally from Michigan, Mike Cressy worked, first in animation and later as an illustrator in Los Angeles before coming up north to Seattle. He has a knack for characters and strange creatures, has illustrated several children’s books and created artwork for numerous games, covers and logos. When I met Mike, his demeanor struck me both [...]

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KittenChops – Chocolate, Coffee and Design

Zaara aka KittenChops

I attended an event aimed at local bloggers in late 2009. I felt kind of awkward there, under-dressed and belonging to a more artsy crowd than most other attendees. So, I was thrilled to find a table with crayons and people adding illustrations to drawings of coffee cups. That’s where I ran into Zaara, who [...]

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Frida Clements: Designer, Poster Passionista

Frida Clements

I found Frida Clements’ artwork on a sticker almost by accident one evening while attending a West Seattle Artwalk. Her style caught my eye and I sent her an e-mail asking if she would agree to do an interview. The meeting took place in her office at STG (Seattle Theater Group), where she works as [...]

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