Over the last couple of years many different artists have been featured on Another Passion. I recently reached out to some of them, asking how things had been since their feature, and what they were up to now. In the following, you can read what some of them had to share.

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Susanna Burney’s Acting Life

Susanna Burney

I first met Susanna Burney almost 20 years ago when we both performed in the booming fringe theater community in Seattle – primarily at Annex Theater. I was impressed by her intelligence, her easy manner and her ability to juggle so many different facets of her career. Over the years, she’s been a dedicated and [...]

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Another Passion 2nd Print Edition

Another Passion, print ed. 2

After the first six months of last year, I put out a print edition of Another Passion containing all the interviews featured on the site from January to June. Now, just into the new year, the follow up publication is out. I am proud to introduce the 2nd printed edition of Another Passion featuring all [...]

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Interview: Tracy Record – Seattle’s Queen of Hyperlocal News

Thumbnail image for Interview: Tracy Record – Seattle’s Queen of Hyperlocal News

Tracy Record is almost half an hour late to our meeting, but I was expecting that. She apologizes and explains that three stories were all happening at the same time, and that time just slipped away. With her schedule, I’m happy she found time to meet with me at all. Tracy is a busy lady, [...]

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