The following post marks the beginning of a new year for Another Passion. It also happens to be about a new beginning of sorts and even has what you might call a new years resolution in the last paragraph. But first a jump back to spring 2005, when I went to the US to participate in a photography workshop. The plan was to stay for a week, drop down to California for another two weeks, then head home to Copenhagen, Denmark. What I did not anticipate was finding love and deciding to stay and take a chance on it. As it turned out, more than half a decade went by before I finally went back to Denmark in late 2010. This time to go through all the stuff I had left behind and prepare to sell or scrap anything not worth transporting across the globe, to my new home in Seattle.

The photo shows my very first guitar, by the way. Not a terribly expensive guitar, but it does have sentimental value. Continue reading…