Jennifer Brozek is an author and editor who has spent years continually perfecting her craft. Recipient of an Origins Award, an Australian Shadows Award, and a silver ENnie, Jennifer’s writing in horror, science fiction and role-playing games is a labor of dedication and love. The editor and publisher behind the long-lived web publication The Edge of Propinquity, her projects have included columns on making anthologies, writing for role-playing games, a number of short stories, and a forthcoming anthology from DAW as editor for Human for a Day.

Jennifer is also someone I’ve known for years; from standing in line together for lattes to watching her win an ENnie at GenCon in 2011, Jennifer started out a friend and professional that I knew well, eventually becoming my boss. Our long familiarity means I’ve read a number of her interviews, and knew there were questions about her industry and career that she had yet to be asked. Continue reading…


Greg Young’s Live Pictures

Greg Young

Greg Young is an executive producer and director at University of Washington, which means working on programming for UWTV, as well as all the administrative work that comes with such a position. And it doesn’t end there. Greg is involved in several projects and interest groups, centered around his passion for media production and visual [...]

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Interview: Tracy Record – Seattle’s Queen of Hyperlocal News

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Tracy Record is almost half an hour late to our meeting, but I was expecting that. She apologizes and explains that three stories were all happening at the same time, and that time just slipped away. With her schedule, I’m happy she found time to meet with me at all. Tracy is a busy lady, [...]

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