Are you hungry for more in life? Do you thirst for new knowledge and inspiration? If you in all honesty can say yes to both of those, great! Or would you say you’re content with your life? Because that is a dangerous place to be.

Until recently, I had a steady paying gig. The client and I worked together for years, and I wasn’t mentally prepared when the gig ended. My mistake. What I took away from this experience can be boiled down to: savings are good, complacency is bad. Continue reading…


Susanna Burney’s Acting Life

Susanna Burney

I first met Susanna Burney almost 20 years ago when we both performed in the booming fringe theater community in Seattle – primarily at Annex Theater. I was impressed by her intelligence, her easy manner and her ability to juggle so many different facets of her career. Over the years, she’s been a dedicated and [...]

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Loss and Motivation

Friheden [Freedom]

Have you ever suffered the loss of someone close to you? On Mother’s Day 2011, my own mother passed away at the much too young age of 63, another victim of cancer. Overnight, I aged 20 years. I’ve felt sick ever since, almost like a mild but constant hangover. I’ve had my sessions of self-pity, [...]

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How to Survive Hitting The Wall

Survive Hitting the Wall

We’ve all been there. What was once an exciting new project has turned into a grind. What was once a head stuffed full of ideas, is now a whole lot of empty space. You’re out of steam and overworked, almost ready to give up the whole thing and seek greener pastures, doing something else. The [...]

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Review: The War of Art

Steven Pressfield; The War of Art

Steven Pressfield wanted to write a book for people suffering from writer’s block but ended up with a guide to being a happy creative in the more general sense. In short, Pressfield begins by identifying the enemy of getting your creative work done as ‘Resistance’. Then he goes on to talk about battling this enemy [...]

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5 Ways to Get Inspired

5 Ways to Get Inspired

Inspiration is a strange and wonderful thing. As creatives, we need a constant stream of it to come up with fresh material. Whether it comes easily or not, the work still has to get done. Simply sitting around and waiting for inspiration to strike is not the way to go about it. Random inspiration is [...]

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