Jason Webley is a man of many talents. I met him during the preparations for his 11-11-11 concert in Seattle last year, which I was honored to cover. This particular show was the culmination of a massive tour spanning 35 countries. Jason had invited numerous friends to come along and add their own touch to this special event, including fellow indie rocker Amanda Palmer and writer Neil Gaiman. And the show was pure magic. It blew yours truly – and as far as I could see everyone else present – completely away.

Webley’s music wants to be listened to, just as he claims it insists on being written. He manages everything himself, from writing songs and music, to planning tours, booking gigs and promoting them. I was thrilled when he agreed to share a few insights into the workings of a true indie rock star, running his own show and doing it well. Continue reading…


Let Billy the Fridge Entertain You

Billy the Fridge

Billy the Fridge and I met up at Blue Moon Burgers in Fremont, where they sell the Code Blue burger with two paddys, peanut butter and all kinds of goodness. It’s big and potent, just like Billy himself. A local boy, Billy the Fridge has competed in wrestling and competitive eating both – he proudly [...]

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Tomo: Songwriting, Doubts and Inspiration

Tomo Nakayama of Grand Hallway

I almost never met Tomo Nakayama. When I was supposed to, his quiet demeanor fooled me into not recognizing the Japanese born singer and songwriter. He is the front man in Seattle based indie band, Grand Hallway, whose recent album “Promenade” has been getting some well-deserved attention and airplay. Luckily, he recognized my ugly mug, [...]

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Don Berman – Jazz Drummer

Thumbnail image for Don Berman – Jazz Drummer

Don Berman lives in my building. For years, I watched him carry his drums down to his car every now and then, and on summer days when the windows were open, I would listen to him drum away in his apartment. It never bothered me. He’s that good. Still, it took me literally years of [...]

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