Paul Zitarelli

Barton Jackson delivers the second installment in our video series, featuring talent from the Seattle poetry slam scene. In less than three minutes, Jackson forcefully delivers a poignant piece with a passion that sucks you in, and keeps you listening. An award winning speaker and second generation poet, Barton Jackson knows his way around the English language and its delivery. For more, check out his Facebook page.

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First Interview Follow-Up

Tiffani is one of 3 interviewees we follow up on.

I’ve started reaching out to some of the first interviewees on Another Passion, to see where they are now and whether pursuing the passion is still what they are doing. It turns out, that the answer to that one is a resounding yes. Not that I was expecting any different, but it’s still pretty awesome [...]

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Paul Zitarelli – From Math to Wine

Paul Zitarelli - From Math to Wine

Paul Zitarelli is a smart man in more ways than one. Not only is he booksmart, he has also figured out a way to make pursuing his passion for wine into a living. With support from friends and family, he walked away from a good job and a Harvard education to start Full Pull Wines; [...]

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