If you’ve been a regular reader of Another Passion, you may wonder what happened to the site. We went from publishing on a fairly regular basis to nothing new coming out at all. Those who follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook will know that I’ve been looking for work elsewhere. So, does that mean Another Passion is dead?

Another Passion started as a side project and grew into a blog with staff writers, syndication, deadlines and a hope of growing even bigger. I wanted this site to be one of the best sources of inspiration for creative professionals and artists.

I wanted to reach a stage where we would be publishing new material daily, while also offering things like classes and workshops. I wanted to build a community around the site and host events. I wanted to do a weekly video podcast. I wanted too many things, more than one person could handle, and before those goals could be reached, I ran out of cash.

The big problem was that there never was a business plan, and so running it was more or less an out of pocket expense. I had a few thousand dollars tucked away, but when that ran out, I eventually had to let the writers go and focus my attention on paying the bills. That’s when Another Passion fell silent.

I get all warm and fuzzy inside, when I think of all the positive feedback I’ve gotten through the 3 years I ran Another Passion. Several people have sent me encouraging messages, signed up as a member, or even offered suggestions on how to revive it. And I would love to do just that. But a relaunch of the site would require some changes.

First of all, it can never again be a one man show. It just doesn’t work. My strength is content, not biz dev, sales or community management. I’d want a partner or two, whose strengths balance out my own shortcomings in those departments. And there would need to be a budget of some sort. One option, which several have suggested, is to go the crowdfunding route. I’m definitely open to that, but I believe that to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, there first needs to be a team and a plan to show potential backers that it’s not just a blogger asking for money. Currently, there is no such plan and no such team.

I had a ton of fun producing Another Passion, and I think it became a great collection of inspiring interviews and editorials. I’m proud of it for sure, and thankful for all those who contributed, whether it was with content, membership, ads or just advice. I met a ton of amazingly talented people, had more fun than I’ve had in any job I’ve ever held, and have absolutely no regrets.

The content that is already here will stay up for the time being. There is still a lot of wisdom and encouragement to be found here, and I’m hoping more artists and creatives will benefit from it for a while to come. But for now, so long, and thanks for all the fish.


Organic Networking, Beyond the Card

Organic Networking Beyond the Card

When I moved from Copenhagen to Seattle, I took none of my network with me. My life was getting a reboot, and I found myself facing the daunting task of starting over – socially, and to a certain degree, professionally. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a very active networker. I despise most “networking [...]

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The Novel I’m Not Writing

The novel I'm not writing...

I procrastinate. All the time. Too often I avoid the inconvenient or challenging by “wasting time” on unimportant stuff. So it has been for as long as I can remember. But I am not sure procrastination is all bad. It depends on what you do with the time you’re supposedly squandering. The question is not [...]

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Loss and Motivation

Friheden [Freedom]

Have you ever suffered the loss of someone close to you? On Mother’s Day 2011, my own mother passed away at the much too young age of 63, another victim of cancer. Overnight, I aged 20 years. I’ve felt sick ever since, almost like a mild but constant hangover. I’ve had my sessions of self-pity, [...]

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Another Passion 2nd Print Edition

Another Passion, print ed. 2

After the first six months of last year, I put out a print edition of Another Passion containing all the interviews featured on the site from January to June. Now, just into the new year, the follow up publication is out. I am proud to introduce the 2nd printed edition of Another Passion featuring all [...]

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On Purging the Replaceable

Thumbnail image for On Purging the Replaceable

The following post marks the beginning of a new year for Another Passion. It also happens to be about a new beginning of sorts and even has what you might call a new years resolution in the last paragraph. But first a jump back to spring 2005, when I went to the US to participate [...]

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Another Passion’s First Year

Thumbnail image for Another Passion’s First Year

This is the last post in 2010, the first year of operation for Another Passion, and what a year it has been. The variety of amazingly talented people, kind enough to share an insight into their passion has blown me away. Reader comments, emails and support have proven to me, that launching Another Passion was [...]

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