Brian is standing over a box of shirts as I enter the brand new Sodo location for Clone Press. Shortly thereafter, Brandon (above) pops his head out from the back and says hello. There’s an energy in the air, a buzz of men working. Even though there’s just the two of them.

Clone Press is a family business run by Brandon, Brian and the woman they have in common – Jennifer, who is Brandon’s sister and married to Brian. Together they print things like posters and T-shirts for other small businesses, local venues, bands and artists. It’s silk screen the old school way. Done by hand with lots of love, care and professional pride. Continue reading…


Art Chantry Designs For Music

Art Chantry, legendary graphic designer.

I asked the Internet who it wanted to see featured here on Another Passion. “Art Chantry” it replied (on my Facebook wall), so I got in touch with this absolutely legendary designer and asked if he would be willing to share a little wisdom with the rest of us. And he was! Art Chantry’s distinctive [...]

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Frida Clements: Designer, Poster Passionista

Frida Clements

I found Frida Clements’ artwork on a sticker almost by accident one evening while attending a West Seattle Artwalk. Her style caught my eye and I sent her an e-mail asking if she would agree to do an interview. The meeting took place in her office at STG (Seattle Theater Group), where she works as [...]

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