Are you hungry for more in life? Do you thirst for new knowledge and inspiration? If you in all honesty can say yes to both of those, great! Or would you say you’re content with your life? Because that is a dangerous place to be.

Until recently, I had a steady paying gig. The client and I worked together for years, and I wasn’t mentally prepared when the gig ended. My mistake. What I took away from this experience can be boiled down to: savings are good, complacency is bad. Continue reading…


Selling One’s Soul for Silver

Selling One's Soul for Silver

This is a guest post by Tara Brannigan, who makes kick ass jewelry and juggles a very different day job. She is also an Another Passion alumni. I live a dual life. By day I work in the game industry, writing content and developing strategies for running an online community. On the nights and weekends, [...]

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3 Ways to Identify Creative Flakes

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No matter what creative field you are in, at some point you will be collaborating or outsourcing parts of your work. An author gets a designer to do her book cover, a photographer might hire a make-up artist and a composer works with a recording engineer. Creatives work together across genres and fields all the [...]

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The Novel I’m Not Writing

The novel I'm not writing...

I procrastinate. All the time. Too often I avoid the inconvenient or challenging by “wasting time” on unimportant stuff. So it has been for as long as I can remember. But I am not sure procrastination is all bad. It depends on what you do with the time you’re supposedly squandering. The question is not [...]

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Is Work Limiting Your Creativity?

Is Work Limiting Your Creativity?

It’s a common misconception that you must limit yourself to a specific niche, and focus on one thing only. That “thing”, whatever it is, will become your bread and butter, your area of expertise, your key to success. It’s a misconception because it is only a half truth.

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How to Survive Hitting The Wall

Survive Hitting the Wall

We’ve all been there. What was once an exciting new project has turned into a grind. What was once a head stuffed full of ideas, is now a whole lot of empty space. You’re out of steam and overworked, almost ready to give up the whole thing and seek greener pastures, doing something else. The [...]

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Working From the Non-Home Office

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What do you do to reduce work-related stress? How do you get the most out of your time? Every freelancer and artist struggles with this at some point. Working from home sounds good, but it’s not without danger. There is a chance you’ll get distracted or interrupted, but the greatest danger is that you will [...]

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