Utilizing My Aversion to Phones

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The Phone is my least favorite communication tool. Unless you count the fax machine, but thankfully I don’t own one of those. Talking on the phone makes me uncomfortable, whether I’m getting a call or making it. I’m much better with e-mail and texting. But that’s just me, right? I’m weird that way. Most people [...]

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Review: The War of Art

Steven Pressfield; The War of Art

Steven Pressfield wanted to write a book for people suffering from writer’s block but ended up with a guide to being a happy creative in the more general sense. In short, Pressfield begins by identifying the enemy of getting your creative work done as ‘Resistance’. Then he goes on to talk about battling this enemy [...]

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The Ultimate Idea Development Tool

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How much time have you spent researching, downloading and trying out different applications meant to boost your productivity? To help speed things up and organize your ideas? How much of that time was a waste? I saw this on a Glenlivet label – “Unhurried since 1824″. I have collected (and enjoyed) many single malts but [...]

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