Barton Jackson delivers the second installment in our video series, featuring talent from the Seattle poetry slam scene. In less than three minutes, Jackson forcefully delivers a poignant piece with a passion that sucks you in, and keeps you listening. An award winning speaker and second generation poet, Barton Jackson knows his way around the English language and its delivery. For more, check out his Facebook page.

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Introducing Focus: Seattle Poets

Introducing Focus: Seattle Poets

If you follow me or Another Passion on Twitter, you may have picked up that a video project is in the works. If not, well now you know. Focus: Seattle Poets is a series of short videos, each featuring one local artist performing one of his or her pieces. Each clip will be released on [...]

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Vincent Kitch Heads Seattle Arts

Vincent Kitch

Vincent Kitch is a busy man. As the head of the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs he oversees the city’s involvement with – and funding of – the many creative groups and subcultures. Kitch was appointed by mayor McGinn in February 2011 and started work in April, after having worked in Austin, TX [...]

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Syndication and Publication

Cover of Another Passion, the first printed edition.

As Farnsworth would say: Good news, everyone! Another Passion recently partnered up with Puget Hound – a Seattle based community site, owned and operated by Fox/Tribune. Puget Hound is a collection of local blogs from the Seattle area, handpicked to showcase the best of the region. Together, the syndicated blogs cover everything from food and [...]

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Paul, Storm and w00tstock

Paul And Storm

Paul and Storm is a comedy duo. They are also geeks. And when I heard that they were taking their show – w00tstock – to Seattle, I immediately asked if they might want to do an interview. Which is what you are reading now. Paul and Storm have been active on the comedy scene for [...]

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Kevin Urie – Taking Social Media Offline

Kevin Urie

Kevin Urie is a go-getter. I got that feeling even before setting up an interview with him. He is a marketing man who just over a year ago made the decision to learn more about social media. So he formed the Seattle chapter of the Social Media Club and was blown away by its reception. [...]

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Interview: Shannon & Matt – Seattle Geekly

Matt and Shannon from Seattle Geekly.

I met with Shannon and Matt at Arcane Comics in Ballard, Seattle. They are regulars here, I found out as they entered the tiny boutique and the clerk lit up in a smile and a “I have your stack of comics ready!” But I wouldn’t be surprised if the store owners are proud to count [...]

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