During the production of the video series “Focus: Seattle Poets” there were lessons learned and observations made. In the following, I’d like to share some of them. This was not the first set I had been on, but it was the first serious video production I had ever been in charge of. Knowing that the project’s success ultimately rested on my shoulders was both scary and exhilarating.

I told myself that the one mistake I would not make, was to be a control freak. I believe strongly in delegating, and with that comes trust in the person you delegate to. Difficult as it was, this definitely paid off in the end. Continue reading…

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Focus: Seattle Poets – Oscar McNary

Focus: Seattle Poets - Oscar McNary

The third installment in our six part series features Oscar McNary, spoken word artist and active participant in the poetry slam scene. The original poem presented here is riveting and delivered with a kind of brutal honesty that makes your ears tune in. For more about Oscar McNary, check out his poetry blog, his blog [...]

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Focus: Seattle Poets – Barton Jackson

Barton Jackson

Barton Jackson delivers the second installment in our video series, featuring talent from the Seattle poetry slam scene. In less than three minutes, Jackson forcefully delivers a poignant piece with a passion that sucks you in, and keeps you listening. An award winning speaker and second generation poet, Barton Jackson knows his way around the [...]

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Focus: Seattle Poets – Amber Flame

Amber Flame

This is the first in a series of six video features. I am proud to premiere FOCUS: SEATTLE POETS, where each video puts the spotlight on one performer on the Seattle poetry slam scene. Each poet delivers an original piece to the camera, giving you a first row, super intimate view. For those unfamiliar with [...]

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Introducing Focus: Seattle Poets

Introducing Focus: Seattle Poets

If you follow me or Another Passion on Twitter, you may have picked up that a video project is in the works. If not, well now you know. Focus: Seattle Poets is a series of short videos, each featuring one local artist performing one of his or her pieces. Each clip will be released on [...]

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Greg Young’s Live Pictures

Greg Young

Greg Young is an executive producer and director at University of Washington, which means working on programming for UWTV, as well as all the administrative work that comes with such a position. And it doesn’t end there. Greg is involved in several projects and interest groups, centered around his passion for media production and visual [...]

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Mother’s Anger – The Rock ‘n’ Roll Life

Thumbnail image for Mother’s Anger – The Rock ‘n’ Roll Life

David and Joseph are living the dream as true rock ‘n’ roll musicians. They tour and play as much as possible, working hard for peanuts and loving it. The band, Mother’s Anger, started in Tel Aviv, Israel then eventually moved to New York, where an old 1973 van brought them to Los Angeles, then on [...]

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