Liz Smith – or Dammit Liz, as she is lovingly called by fans and clients alike – is an organizer and wrangler of events. Specifically events for the nerd segment, such as the now legendary w00tstock shows and most recently JoCo Cruise Crazy 2.

I met Liz in between meetings, while she was busy organizing and getting ready for her next event, whilst still recovering from the last one. If there was any stress, it didn’t show. She was all smiles and excitement, the infectious kind that leaves you ready to rock. I was thrilled that Liz was kind enough to share a few insights into her hectic world. Continue reading…


Return of the Musical Nerds

Nerds & Music

About a year ago, I went to W00tstock 2.0, a gathering of geek royalty hosted by Wil Wheaton, Adam Savage and comedy duo Paul & Storm. I interviewed Paul & Storm back then, and in the time that has passed W00tstock has traveled across the North American continent with a host of supernerds performing in [...]

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Mike Selinker – Game Design Guru

Mike Selinker, Game Designer

I met Mike Selinker backstage at the Seattle w00tstock event, where he and fellow game designer James Ernest (both of Lone Shark Games) performed an act that included both juggling, an interactive puzzle, which the audience was encouraged to solve and post about on Twitter, and more. As a geek and hobby gamer of many [...]

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Paul, Storm and w00tstock

Paul And Storm

Paul and Storm is a comedy duo. They are also geeks. And when I heard that they were taking their show – w00tstock – to Seattle, I immediately asked if they might want to do an interview. Which is what you are reading now. Paul and Storm have been active on the comedy scene for [...]

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