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Are you hungry for more in life? Do you thirst for new knowledge and inspiration? If you in all honesty can say yes to both of those, great! Or would you say you’re content with your life? Because that is a dangerous place to be.

Until recently, I had a steady paying gig. The client and I worked together for years, and I wasn’t mentally prepared when the gig ended. My mistake. What I took away from this experience can be boiled down to: savings are good, complacency is bad. Continue reading…


Email Marketing Matters – Part 2

Email Marketing Matters - part 2

In my last article ‘Email Marketing Matters’, I discussed the reasons why you should consider an email marketing strategy as part of your larger marketing plan. While the task can seem a little daunting at first, I assure you, it’s really not that hard once you get the basics down! So without further ado, here [...]

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Illustrator and Fan Artist Jade Gordon

Jade Gordon

Jade Gordon greeted me with a warm and honest smile on the floor of the Emerald City Comic Con. I first met Jade at a concert where I caught a glimpse of her awesome fan art. It made me curious about her work, so I looked it up, liked it even more, and finally reached [...]

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Email Marketing Matters

E-Mail Marketing Matters

Whether you’re a writer, musician, photographer or jewelry maker, getting the word out about your work is essential. With the advent of social media, it’s tempting to think of email marketing as a thing of the past. Why spend time writing, editing and refining an email campaign when you can just post the same information [...]

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Social Writing with Google+ Hangouts

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Google+ hangouts is one of the more unique new tools creative professionals can use to work with colleagues by creating a virtual space for writers to work together that also enables allowing artists to share their screens as they work, all while enjoying social aspects often missed out on by collaborators when working from separate [...]

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Selling One’s Soul for Silver

Selling One's Soul for Silver

This is a guest post by Tara Brannigan, who makes kick ass jewelry and juggles a very different day job. She is also an Another Passion alumni. I live a dual life. By day I work in the game industry, writing content and developing strategies for running an online community. On the nights and weekends, [...]

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Conventions, Sanity and Survival

Conventions, Sanity and Survival

I only made it to a handful of conventions this year, but I met some of my now nearest and dearest at each of them. Caught up in the excitement, it wasn’t till later that I was able to consider how quickly perfect strangers had become some of my favorite people, literally overnight. The friendships [...]

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