Over the last couple of years many different artists have been featured on Another Passion. I recently reached out to some of them, asking how things had been since their feature, and what they were up to now. In the following, you can read what some of them had to share.

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Social Writing with Google+ Hangouts

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Google+ hangouts is one of the more unique new tools creative professionals can use to work with colleagues by creating a virtual space for writers to work together that also enables allowing artists to share their screens as they work, all while enjoying social aspects often missed out on by collaborators when working from separate [...]

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Jennifer Brozek’s World of Words

Jennifer Brozek's World of Words

Jennifer Brozek is an author and editor who has spent years continually perfecting her craft. Recipient of an Origins Award, an Australian Shadows Award, and a silver ENnie, Jennifer’s writing in horror, science fiction and role-playing games is a labor of dedication and love. The editor and publisher behind the long-lived web publication The Edge [...]

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The Novel I’m Not Writing

The novel I'm not writing...

I procrastinate. All the time. Too often I avoid the inconvenient or challenging by “wasting time” on unimportant stuff. So it has been for as long as I can remember. But I am not sure procrastination is all bad. It depends on what you do with the time you’re supposedly squandering. The question is not [...]

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Michael Schein Writes of Bones and Conquest

Michael Schein, author of

Michael Schein meets me at one of his favorite hangouts, a little second-hand book shop called the Couth Buzzard. It’s a nice place with cozy corners where people can enjoy their tea and the book of their choice. It was in one of those little corners, that we sat down. In spite of a first [...]

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Another Passion’s Next Phase

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If you’re wondering what’s going on with Another Passion, I have good news. I’m working behind the scenes to make Another Passion a better experience with more content than ever before. In other words, I have begun courting a few talented locals hoping to turn them into contributing writers. Another Passion started as an extension [...]

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Sean Beaudoin Keeps Murder Cool

Sean Beaudoin

I met Sean Beaudoin in his office in Fremont, a humble place in a building full of Internet startups, small businesses and other artists. The floors are plywood and the building reminds me of a storage facility. He tells me he’s been here for a while but only knows the guy right next door. It’s [...]

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